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Gym Flooring - Rubber Tiles - SBR or EPDM


The shock absorption characteristics of  M.V. Rubber tiles provides extreme safety without sacrifice. It provides problem
free usage and durability. Unharmed by weathering and extreme temperatures, ideal for gym applications indoor and outdoors

Technical Data

Applications: Gym applications for shock absorbency, anti slip, and heavy duty application with frequent dumbbell falls and heavy weights
Material: recycled SBR rubber granules
Color: available in standard pigmented colored SBR as given in the table below
Thickness: available in 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 cm thickness
Dimensions: Square design
Top Design: Plain top

Gym Rubber Tiles

SBR Color Range

Gym flooring required? Decided on rubber, but  not sure, what sort of rubber flooring? Rubber is a big choice for residence and commercial gym flooring and will give you long long use. It is an environmental friendly product too, often incorporating recycled rubber. Plus many rubber products are made around the world, like Gym Flooring UAE making this a great green building option. It is hard as nails, durable, and long lasting. In the right thicknesses and mass, it can stand up to weighty machines, dropped weights and the toughest fitness exercises.

Rubber Gym flooring is one of the most popular choice. Not like other products such as foam, rubber is tough enough to protect the floor beneath from weighty equipment like treadmills and weight racks, and from dropping weights. Rubber would not be compacted by heavy equipment, or damaged by moving equipment, or lots of impact. Rubber is relatively low cost priced, highly durable and fairly easy to fix.

Water resistant rubber for gym flooring is also easy to clean, with normal vacuuming and moist mop, particularly with flat surfaced rubber products. With proper care, rubber will perform effectively for decades of time.

Rubber tiles are frequently used to protect gyms from weighty exercise machines for example treadmills, bikes as well as free weights. Rubber serves up as a long-lasting, sound dampening barricade between the floor and the exercise machines, and is appropriate for both residential and commercial gym flooring use.