Sports, Safety & Aesthetic Rubber Flooring

Polyurethane Sports Flooring Systems UAE

M.V. Rubbers offers outdoor highly resilient Polyurethane sports flooring system in UAE, ideal for outdoor or indoor multipurpose areas, sports courts including basketball, football, handball, voleyball, badminton or any other sports court floors.

M.V. Rubbers safety/sports surface design team can also help you to achieve creative designs with patterns and graphics that other safety surface materials cannot. Our installation process comes with materials and installation almost anywhere in the UAE or GCC and backed by a full warranty.

We’ve poured many successfull projects for clients within UAE & GCC and our innovative surfacing has helped to create safe sports floors in these regions. The complete M.V. Rubbers sports surface system provides you with a resilient, non-porous and seamless safety/sports surface that is known to be the absolute best sporting surface available for fall protection and accessability.

Standard Polyurethane System

Standard Polyurethane sports flooring system is a unique combination of SBR cushion layer and a complete set of Polyurethane filling, strength and coating system which combined with our skilled installation techniques provide excellent and high strength sports floor.

Technical Data

Material:  constitutes following layers:
  • Base primer - to allow the preparation of base for proper strong adhesion to the base cushion layer
  • SBR wet pour or SBR prefabricated roll - applied as the base cushion layer with adjustable thickness according to client needs to provide shock absorbency and elasticity
  • Pore filler compound - elastic polyurethane compound to seal the porosity of SBR wet pour or SBR roll cushion layer 
  • Self levelling compound - polyurethane self leveling compound to provide shock absorbency, resilience and ultimate strength to sports floor system
  • UV resistant top coat - polyurethane mat or glossy finish top coating to make floor easy to clean, non-porous, and UV resistant
Color: available in all standard colors as per the chart below. Also, we can create designs and patterns of varying colors 
Thickness: average thickness from 6-16mm. However, customized thickness is possible by adjusting SBR wet pour cushion layer thickness
Top Design: Plain top design with customized pattern designs and color choices. We help you in design also.
Edge Design: Ramp on the edges, customized according to area, height and environment.

Standard Polyurethane Sports Flooring System

Polyurethane Sports Flooring

Polyurethane Sports Flooring Color Range


  • Jogging tracks and walkways for safety of knee and joints due to shock absorption characteristics
  • Multipurpose sports courts; tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, football courts etc.
  • Any outdoor or indoor sport courts


  • Provide safe play
  • Seamless, slip-resistant, non-porous. 
  • Materials are finest, high quality European make
  • Highly profession installation
  • Proven long-term performance with low maintenance requirments during the floor life time