Sports, Safety & Aesthetic Rubber Flooring

Rubber Mulch For Landscaping, Sports & Safety Applications

Rubber mulch for landscaping applications is an excellent replacement of wooden mulch. Wood mulch can rot and becomes a breeding ground for insects and germs. It can destroy the plant entirely or shorten its life. The rubber mulch is much safer solution which comes in variety of designs (shreds, chips or buffing) and colors. It does not pose any problems as rotting, dampening, insect breeding. Furthermore it provides good water retention in soil, no bacteria or algae growth. As a result, it leads to longer and healthy botanical life. Other than landscaping applications, rubber mulch provides excellent safety in kids playgrounds when lay lose or bonded. Any application requiring shock absorbency can apply rubber mulch.

Technical Data

Applications: Landscaping, kids play areas, military training area, shock absorbency, anti slip applications
Material: recycled SBR rubber mulch
Color: available in standard pigmented colored SBR as given in the table below
Thickness & Size: available in 1.5-3.5 cm thickness in bark shape, gravel and cubical types



Bark Type

Polyurethane Sports Flooring
Polyurethane Sports Flooring

Loose Rubber Mulch

Loose For Landscaping

Loose For Playgroung

Bonded For Playarea

Gravel Type

Polyurethane Sports Flooring
Polyurethane Sports Flooring
Polyurethane Sports Flooring
Polyurethane Sports Flooring


  • Provide safe play
  • Seamless, slip-resistant, and porous. 
  • Materials are finest, high quality, wire and fiber free
  • Highly profession installation
  • Proven long-term performance with low maintenance requirments during the floor life time